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weather across the country is an advantage for obama but having some rain in wisconsin and florida could help romney. they used to rain in florida but that is it. the enthusiasm is on the g.o.p. side. >>neil: you talk about usually voting and versus later voting with better than 30 million americans having already voted and that changes the cram ma. significantly so? do you want to break it down? >>guest: the obama campaign is nervous about the youth vote and excited about president obama in 2008 and less so four years later so they were urging students to vote early before election day and that was their big push because they were worried about apathy among the youth. could it make a difference? yes, we have seen obama campaign advisor say, wait, if exit polls come out they could be good news for republicans but we have a lost votes banked early. do not panic. >>neil: there is talk with the polls and the various surveys and various states they underrepresent written support and you heard it a million times and we have talked about it, but is that a legitimate issue? in other words, you
: where you can buy that vote. >>pat: looking at chaos, a lot of votes being cast, but right new obama has the bump at the end of the week whether it was the normal incumbent bump or with the storm or not, and, now, the last 24 hours you start sighing it moving to romney and reflected in the crowds. i think we are tight. we might be in for what we saw in 1976, the challenger suddenly the race is tied and the last minute deciders are saying do i want to keep incumbent. we see plays in pennsylvania --. gerald ford on saturday was a point ahead and on sunday and monday carter would i worked for we started moving and we ended up with winning 297 electorals and another day it would have been over 330. >>neil: and then four years later and it was a huge, huge shift in the last 48 to 72 hours. how do we know that might not be happening here? >>pat: i don't think -- nothing that big because carter had lower ratings than obama but it is a question of the bump. you tell me the party preference there it is democrats and republicans independents are going to romney big but now he would win but, rememb
president obama. more on that in a moment. first to the people still suffering like maria of staten island who is still left to pick up the pieces. how are things going? >> i wish they were saying going better but they are not. >> neil: blah is the problem right now? >> i know that the volunteers have been out there and i've heard that the marathon runners, to their credit have been and helping people as much as they can. the red cross is somewhere on staten island and national guard is here. there are massive amounts of volunteers giving out water and food. there are certain communities, large communities in staten island that have been virtually forgotten. >> neil: the problem seems to be authorities were told from authorities they can't get through to these communities. what can you tell us? >> the first couple of days after sandy when cleanup begin after they were doing rescue the community i live in which is midland beach the area of jefferson island, everybody knows island boulevard was still four and a half feet underwater. they were trying to rescue people who why had not evacuated
on the phone. >>caller: the timing is too perfect, the obama administration, as the administration claimed it was coincidence that the benghazi consulate was attacked on the anniversary of september 11th now it is convince dense the affair surfaces right after the election, not before but right after and before the intelligence chiefs go to capitol hill to get grilled. as an old intelligence analyst, and i could be totally wrong this is my interpretation, the administration was unhappy with general petraeus not playing ball 100 percent on their party line story. he was getting cold feet aboutiving under oath and i suspect these tough chicago guys knew of the affair for a while, held it in their back pocket until they needed to play the card. i don't like conspiracy theories and i could be wrong but the timing this, again, right after the election and right before he is supposed to get grilled on capitol hill, it smells. maybe it is coincidence but let me allay your concerns on one count. our nation has -- is not going to be suddenly vulnerable. and the deputy director will fill in, unless
and obama will ultimately be the most disliked presidentials in history because of the handling of the economy and only because of that. >>stuart: art laffer, a pretty grim picture but thanks for joining us. now, we are fair and balanced, new democrat network president thinks hiking taxes on high income earners is the way to go. so, welcome back to the program, simon. we have discussed this before. you think raising taxes on high income earners is what bill clinton did in the 1990's and we have been through this before. may i raise a separate concern here for a second. under the president's own plan, we are going do get a total debt of $20 trillion at the end of the second term, that is the president's own plan and that is based on optimistic thinking about economic growth down the road. are you comfortable with rolling the dice and going to $20 trillion total debt? >>guest: let's talk about the fiscal cliff because it is a down payment toward reducing the deficit over all. if we do nothing the plan congress passed last year with lots of republican votes would raise taxes on eve
, president obama is in. but the dow is not wowed investors moving to very real financial bullets, and all ready to shoot off the same minute, exactly the same day, in exactly 54 days, the stroke of midnight, january 1 when all of the cuts begin and all of the bush tax rates phase out. a multitrillion dollar hit to the economy that could turn a recovery into a stubborn recession faster than you can spit out going to knell a hand basket which the folks at moody's threaten could cost us dearly in the form of another debt downgrade. that would likely tank the dollar and bond and stocks. we are that close and that scary on the day when europe got more scary and germany was pumped. the debt crisis likely to hit there hard as another storm, this one, a huge nor'easter prepares to hit america's east coast harder. and sooner. look outside my office part of a huge nor'easter winter storm coming to the new york area some parts could be under 1' of snow. wall street says they will weather the nor'easter but not so sure about the perfect form storm at the end of next month. what will happ
power helped president obama win a second term. they won the election for him in someways. do you think that they will win this battle. win in the sense that maybe they will turn more people off than they will turn on of the you disrupt shopping in the thanksgiving period in the united states of america and you are taking on something. >> yes, that's right. shopping and of course involve because what sharping in the case of a lot of these ports is you have airport union workers who are also working and taking off and demonstrating in solidarity with their brothers and sisters. and i think there needs to be an educational effort. people really need to understand that these big labor thugs do not have workers' interests at heart. you talk about the truckers, the shippers, the farmers, people who work in the agricultural industries who are being hurt by this. and with regard to wal-mart, of course, all you have to do is look at social media. the response we are getting from 11 million people who are out of work who would love to work on thanksgiving for wal-mart if they had a chance. >> mi
republican. all appointed by president obama. walmart finalled a complaint last friday, so, michelle field said the labor board has had plenty of time to rule and is deliberately dragging its feet. >>guest: they are deliberately trying to do this. what will happen, they will be, all of the protests will occur on block friday and that will guaranteer tons of media attention and you will see all the liberal politicians and pundits and union bosses going on tv pressuring walmart to unionize. that is what this is all about, they claim this is improving working conditions. baloney. this say bout trying to force walmart to collective bargain but the union does not represent the workers of walmart. this is all about trying to get attention, trying to force walmart to unionize. >>eric: people need to understand how big and how important walmart is: 1.4 million employees in the united states, 4,500 stores and 75 percent of management has been, began years at walmart as hourly e employees so they promote from need, and 53 percent are females. this is one of the bet employers in america and has staye
have been frustrated with the g.o.p.'s sticking to the pledge and now, president obama won a second term, it is very important that any deal they sign off on would break part of the pledge. i don't think the democrats will sign off on anything that doesn't at least violate some position of the pledge. >>neil: do you get a sense that there is something more going on that either they are trying to take on grover norquist himself, a point i will raise with grover when he comes on, or is this a little pore involved than at face value it appears? >>guest: i do think they are trying to put distance between themselves and grover and of course grover will say, the tax pledge is not to me but to the constituents and some of the senators have to wash out because chambliss and graham could face a primary challenge and grover will speak out if they do violate the tax pledge which haiti been broken yet but the question is, will it be broken by the end of december? >>neil: we will watch closely. always a pleasure. everyone has been talking about it and we thought we would talk to it now the storm
are scheduled to go up. unless we fix that, president obama becomes a defender of the bush tax cuts for 98 percent of the people and that is something we accomplished and we ought to take pride in it. i am not for raising rates on anyone. period. >>neil: we know the end result is you mentioned the president, sir, and he seesed on your remarks. this is president obama. >> glad to see if you have been reading the pains that more and more republicans this congress seem to be agreeing with this idea we should have a balanced approach. if both parties agree we should not raise taxes on middle-class families, begin our work with where we agree. >>neil: you have the president agreeing with you and the speaker not. where do you see this resulting in --. >> i'm against tax increases on anyone. period. end of debate. it doesn't take a positive action by congress to raise taxes, they go up unless we do something to stop it. if i can stop them for 98 percent of the people and continue to fight on the others, i will. if you think we will gain ground by holding the american people hostage -- i disagree.
and staten island residents were not only yelling at officials but taking on president obama. >> i told president obama he lied, fema lied, they are all here for political stunts. >>neil: you said that to the president's face, he was slapping you on the shoulder. >>guest: he said "relax." he said he is here to help, relax and let me tell him my concerns and i told him. president obama, you are giving the middle class the raw finger. >>neil: wait until you hear what happens next. and you wills an extraordinary interview with an extraordinarily angry guy tonight at 8:00 p.m., on fox business network as scott tells us the whole story, a story you do fought want to miss. >> nearly 30 days away are house republicans getting ready to walk away from a budget battle mess? one of their leaders is next. [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and it finds one, you get refunded the dif
you hostage? >>guest: that is what president obama said on friday. go ahead and pass a few of the other things and only 3 percent of small businesses will be hit but he forgets to say that the 3 percent, 50 percent generate the jobs and the capitalization. >>neil: he will have a series of meetings before he mets with the congressional leaders and first is the labor leaders. >>guest: it is shaping up to be like the job council, which is big business and academics and unions, and it should only be small business owners, how can you keep dismissing this? he doesn't like any small business. he accident like any small business at $400,000 a year, because they will get crashed. the job council look at those $219 billion, $18 billion, $6 billion, they can handle a hit? they are saying, you know what, i make $23 million a year, i will give. >> few more bucks but what about the true engines of job creation and the grass roots of america? you cannot punish a husband and wife making $300,000 because they made all the sacrifices and now they are getting --. >>neil: but they will say, w
, facing president obama in the next few years and he liked speaker boehner on the revenue thing but that is wide and general. >> here is what you need to know how bad the hurricane sandy was for the new york metropolitan area. storm damage in coney island hospitals likely will not be fully up and running until early next year. next year. jonathan hunt on why. jonathan? >>jonathan: things are getting boatser slowly but it and very, very slow going indeed, for a lot of people. the power, though, is back to almost every home here now in coney island but that doesn't mean people don't still have problems. there are a lot of these apartment buildings, many public housing projects in coney island, and a lot of people in them, elderly, less well-off, cannot necessarily help themselves after the storm. that is where the national guard comes in, we tacked, along with a unit of the national guard as they went door-to-door in one of the 24 floor apartment buildings knocking on every door tieing to get people what they need. listen. >> we ask them if they have running water. do they have co
back. he says, if he plans to vote for higher taxes to pay for obama size government he should address people of georgia and let them know he will break his promise to them. >> all of this sparking worries that more lawmakers will cave on their pledge as the fiscal cliff nears. two republican strategist -- to our republican strategist. are we seeing fractures in the republican front? >>guest: what we seeing from both sides of the aisle, in the wake of the 122012 election republicans realize americans want both sides to come up with solutions and the fiscal cliff is the first test of whether the two parties can work together. that includes the discussions that are occurring. as far as raising taxes, republicans will make a mistake if they agree do any proposal that raises taxes for the sake of raising taxes. this is a huge elephant in the room not being talked about and a goal republicans, a huge amount of loopholes and deductions in our tax code f the republicans grow to raise taxes on small business owner before we dress the listen holes and deductions and make the phrase "fair share"
. they didn't like it. how about you? today, president obama making it clear and remove all doubt the republican talking over deductions for the rich not enough. raise the tax rates or all jump off the cliff now. >> when it comes to the top 2 percent what i'm not going to do is to extend further a tax cut for folks who don't need it which would cost close to $1 trillion and it is very difficult to see how you make up that $1 trillion if we are serious about debt reductions by closing loopholes and deductions. >>neil: did you hear that? that is close as unequivocal as the president has ever been on tax issue. limiting deductions, ending write offs and not likely to raise as up money as slapping those old clinton tax rates right back on the wealthy. say republicans do not quite see things that way, speaker boehner refusing to consider a rate hike would put the would expect of an end of year deal to avoid a cliff locking more like a chasm. the public debt watcher is our guest. what do you think? >>guest: well, the president did double down on raising taxes today. he is taking the eas
. >> well it is a good thing because those people need help and for quite awhile. president obama visiting storm-ravaged staten island. lots of folks are still without any place to live today. they are without power and without hope and without a lot of stuff. so with things looking hopeless out there, we decided to bring melissa francis here to offer some advice on how you get through pretty bad stuff like this. why melissa francis you ask? what is this harvard inning indicated -- educated tv anchor and former child movie star know about pain and suffering? what have i told you? a lot more than you think. listen closely and learn. there is a jaw-dropping memwior that is far from the little house on the prairie which this seemingly charmed eight-year-old girl first came into our lives. the book is called "diary of a stage mother's daughter" and its author, my friend, melissa francis here now. melissa, i wanted you to come on , not just because it is a great book, but to talk about these folks who are hurting. they say, i am going to have a lousy thanksgiving. i am lucky to have a home if i
and have an extension doing what you suggest, a reform of a tax code. president obama mentioned in the speech expressing he won the presidency that tax reform is something he is looking to do. >>neil: you mentioned the president and he will be off to thailand later this month in the middle of all of this which might be fine, a beautiful country. shouldn't it be all heads on deck? all ships in the harbor? >>guest: you would think so. this is a serious matter, something needs to be done and the question is, will they do what they did in the budget control act and say, we will do a temporary deal and extend things for six months to a year and have some sort of committee come together and try to come to a big agreement. that is uncertain. some people on the democratic side that harry reid expressed he wants something done in the next if months. will they agree? will those in the house, republicans especially, agree to raising taxes? that is uncertain. >>neil: what is certain is they are in no rub. we will have to watch this closely and cue up soon our neil cavuto super hero thing be
, the president is showing flexibility. the front page of the "wall street journal" said president obama is showing flexibility on not following through with his mandate to raise taxes on higher earners. this shows the president knows --. >>neil: not raise them as much? >>guest: he said he is showing "flexibility." >>neil: would you, of a conservative mind, be okay with taxes for the upper income --. >>guest: no. like norquist and senator demint have said no tax hikes, period, we node full tax reform. the rates should come down thought go up for one group over another. the group who in this country most small business owners as you know file as individuals and they are making $250,000 or more and they are employing a lot of people in the community. >>neil: the media will say, well, you need to sacrifice --. >>guest: but what about small business owners like my dad who has a dental practice, he said if the president follows through and raises taxes on me i will have to labor people off my didn'tal practice. he lives in richmond, virginia, a small pice owner and he is created jobs. >>neil:
and that would be romney or it will be close and it could be obama, but if it is close we will be here for days. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, wait, my world record when you say days, my world record for being on the hair is 11 hours straight. >>pat: there is a good chance. because you just need to be ready. >>neil: thank you very much. pat president i will be there suffering with you. >>neil: i love that. >>pat: just like iowa. >>neil: you are so smart it is scary. panic is setting in as the power outages keep the gas stations closed. this gas line look how far it stretched -- into california! not really but it is bad. go on the road and look at this all these people are looking if gas. you know more than a couple of vehicles have just a quarter tank or less, right if not good. not good. that often leads to hoarding. some relief could be on the way. now, pat, what do you see happening? >>pat: well, it is like we have cabin fever. folks want to get out and survey the damage. what do they need? gasoline, yes, some need it for generators and some need to drive around and maybe their employers are mak
a couple of days ago, we are on it, we got it? we have a big obama supporter, what do you think? >>guest: we are in the midst of a tragedy, an unprecedented moment. this is in shortage of gasoline. there is a shortage of power. i live in part of manhattan where we have power and millions of people live a few blocks south of me and have no power. if this was a katrina-like response where there was a visible tragedy and you did not see a governor with his hands on the switch as you saw in governor christie or governor cuomo, a president who has brought every fema resource. >>neil: but you saw in staten island it is not reaching there. i agree, it is different great katrina but if the argument is they are bragging about what they doing, but this woman is saying, no, no, it is not. we are not seeing it. >>guest: the five boroughs of new york is peculiar circumstance. i don't disagree with the woman we have been imbalanced here in new york relative to the four boroughs other than manhattan where i live. but, this isn't a macro political event. some of the local people will be called out as to
hope my friends at fox are sit down when they hear this, it could be a shock, president obama didn't invent trillion dollar deficits he inherited them. >>neil: i hope this doesn't come as a shock as my friend the illinois senator we are now knee-deep in trillions of dollars of more deficits. and larry sabato with simple advice, stop blaming and start fixing. you are saying both parties are to blame but the attack on fox notwithstanding, i am wondering, are democrats overplaying their hand? >>guest: they will have everplayed it if in the end it results in another deadlock and the same is true for republicans. we are at a special moment when we do have an opportunity to solve a lot of big problems simultaneously from the debt to entitlement growth, to the tax reform issue, tax loopholes there are a lot of things that could go into this and this is a very different situation from august of 2011 when we had the big deadlock of the debt ceiling. this after an election. if we can't solve the problems now, when are we going to solve them? >>neil: i am not encouraged by the smoke signals.
president obama the he won the we knew our taxes going up. >>neil: you don't care if it is a rate hike or limiting your deductions it is all the same thing? >>guest: no, no, a rate hike is one thing but they need to leave dividends alone, that, really, is --. >>neil: wait, wait, but speaker boehner seems to be hanging on the thread here that if he just limits rich folks' deductions and write offs that will satisfy the president. the president seems to think, no, no, no, you have to hike rates that is the only thing that will work. >>guest: well, why have any real objection to what the president says. we did extremely well during the clinton era and i am a republican, died in the wool but i feel comfortable moving up our rates but with that has to come a significant reduction in entitlements and costs. >>neil: as a businessman, you hear some democrats say they don't want to touch entitlements or get medicare and medicaid and social security on the table, that would be disheartening, would it not? >>guest: well, i don't think medicare should be on the table and i don't think medicaid sho
. this whole victory tour that president obama took a couple of days ago was exaggerated. >> 2.7 million customers were without power after the storm and now it is less than a million customers, a big improvement but not to the less than million customers who do not have power. >>neil: fema even closed disaster relief centers in new york because of bad weather. this time, hung up at a center in stalin island infuriating victims who say they are hung out to dry. storm victims are looking to fema for answers but they are not getting answers. >> we have yet to get a number for the people and that is what the previous question was about, how many people are we talking about you have settled in various housing? >> i will have to get you that. i don't have that in front of me. >> my experience is there must be a lot of miscommunication going on between state, local, and federal officials. >>neil: these are pictures my next guest took after hurricane sandy took about everything in hour life, her staten island home, furniture, clothes and now she has been kicked out of a hotel so family workers
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)